Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Vinegar syndrome victims

(Updated 6/25/21)

The subject of Breyer shrinkies and oozies is going round on Facebook again, and I thought it might be handy to post a list of models identified as prone to vinegar syndrome. Long story short, ANY model made between 1987-1992 has the potential to be a shrinky. You can look at catalogs from these years on Identify Your Breyer here to check which models those might be. Here is a quick refresher on what vinegar syndrome is and its symptoms:

1) So far, only models made from about 1987-1992 seem to be affected. Not all models made between those years have gone bad. Presumably, some will remain unaffected.

2) Models affected by vinegar syndrome (VS) shrink and slowly warp inward. VS models that are kept wrapped up usually ooze a liquid that smells strongly of vinegar. Models kept in the open, such as on a shelf, are less likely to ooze, but they will sometimes smell of vinegar. Some will just shrink and will not develop the smell. Models that are not outwardly oozing are still doing so inside. Shrinkies and oozies are therefore two names for the same problem.

3) Many VS models develop a chalk-like film on their surface as they start to shrink.

4) The paint on most VS models usually begins to fade and white areas become yellowed. The areas that tend to fade first are thick areas where liquid can pool, such as where the legs meet the body.

5) Vinegar syndrome in Breyers does NOT appear to be contagious despite early reports to that effect. Many collectors have normal models that have been shelved or stored with VS models for years that are completely unaffected. If it were contagious, this would not be the case.

And below is a list of models that have been observed as shrinkies/oozies. Not all copies of these models are affected, but some are. I am listing them by mold followed by specifics regarding which examples of that mold have been documented as affected. Obviously, this is not a comprehensive list as more shrinkies turn up all of the time. I will update this list periodically. For more information on shrinkies, please see my post here.

Action Stock Horse Foal (#225 Buckskin, #237 Bay Pinto, #238 Grey Appaloosa)

Adios (1987 JCP SR Chestnut Appaloosa, 1987 BHR SR Dapple Grey, 1987 BHR SR Palomino, #51 Yellow Mount, #830 Black Roan, #705 Red Dun)

Appaloosa Performance Horse (1990 Sears SR Black Appy)

Azteca/Foundation Stallion (#85 Dapple Grey, #710 Red Roan, 1987 JCP SR Liver Chestnut)

Belgian (1987 Mail Order SR Bay)

Black Stallion (#401 original release, 1988 JCP SR Bay, #811 Leopard Appy)

Buckshot (#416 Chestnut Pinto Spanish Barb)

Clydesdale Foal (#826 Light Bay)

Clydesdale Mare (#825 Light Bay)

Clydesdale Stallion (#824 Light Bay, 1987 SR Dapple Grey)

El Pastor (#116 Precipitado Sin Par aka Cips)

Family Arabian Foal (#6 Palomino, #816 Light Bay)

Family Arabian Mare
(#5 Palomino, #815 Light Bay)

Family Arabian Stallion (#4 Palomino, #814 Light Bay)

Family Arabian Stallion (#4 Palomino, purchased in 1988)

Fighting Stallion (#709 Leopard Appy)

Five-Gaiter (#109 Dapple Grey,
#117 Project Universe, 1987-1989)

Halla (1989 JCP SR Fleabit)

Hanoverian (1987 Your Horse Source SR Alabaster, 1987 YHS SR Bay, 1987 YHS SR Black, 1987 YHS SR Chestnut)

Indian Pony (1987 BHR SR Bay, 1987 BHR SR Dapple Grey, 1987 BHR SR Grey Appaloosa, 1987 BHR SR Leopard Appaloosa, 1988 JCP SR Red Dun)

Justin Morgan (1988 JCP SR Chestnut)

Lady Phase (#711 Breezing Dixie, 1988, 1990 JCP SR Dapple Grey) 

Man O' War (#47 original release, 1990 Sears SR Glossy)

Mustang (#118 Chestnut, 1988 SR Ruby)

Pacer (#819 Dan Patch)

Phar Lap (1988 Your Horse Source SR Red Bay, 1988 YHS SR Liver Chestnut, 1988 YHS SR Dapple Grey, 1988 YHS SR Sorrel)

Pony of the Americas (#821 Rocky)

Proud Arab Foal (#806 Rose Grey)

Proud Arab Mare (#840 Chestnut, #805 Rose Grey)

Proud Arab Stallion (#213 Dapple Grey, #804 Rose Grey, 1987 BHR SR Bay, 1987 BHR SR Black, 1987 BHR SR Light Chestnut)

Quarter Horse Yearling (#103 Bay Apploosa, 1987-1988)

Roy (original release)

Running Foal (1987 Sears SR Dapple Grey)

Running Mare (1987 Sears SR Dapple Grey) 

San Domingo (#67 original release, 1987 JCP SR Bay, #703 Grey Appaloosa)

Secretariat (regular run, 1990 Sears SR Glossy)

(1990 Sears SR Glossy, #411 Fleabit Grey, #812 Palomino, 1989-1991)

Sherman Morgan (#430 original release)

Shetland Pony (#3066 Black Pinto from Our First Pony set)

Stock Horse Mare (#230 Bay Overo,
#222 Buckskin)

Stock Horse Stallion (#221 Buckskin)

Stretch Morgan (#702 Buckskin variation, 1988-1989)

Stud Spider (1990 Sears SR Blue Roan Appy, #823 Chestnut Appy, 1990-1991)

Touch of Class (#original release, 1986-1988)

Classic Arabian Family (1987-1988 UK SR Dapple Grey, 1990 JCP SR Black)
Classic King of the Wind Set (1990-1992)

Classic Arabian Foal
(#3066 Bay Pinto from Our First Pony set, purchased in 1987)
Classic Black Beauty Family
Classic Black Stallion Returns Set
Classic Mustang Foal
(#3066 Black Pinto from Our First Pony set, purchased in 1987)
Classic Quarter Horse Family (original release, 1991 JCP SR Liver and Alabaster)

Variety of Stablemates and Little Bits made between 1987-1992
Many of the 1989-1992 SR SM models from the Sears sets
Black Angus
Brahma Bull 
Deer Family
Hereford Bull