Friday, February 2, 2018

Friday Photo Featurette: Lakewood, Part 2

Jennifer Buxton regularly posts photo-based entries called "Wordless Wednesdays" on her popular Braymere Custom Saddlery blog. I am busy working on a pretty substantial post that is not yet ready to go live, so I thought I'd borrow her idea in the meantime. Please enjoy some photos on this, uh, Photo Friday!

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the first model horse I found "in the wild" at the old Lakewood flea market south of Atlanta. I had so much fun reminiscing about it with my parents and sister that I thought I'd share some more of our finds. Most of what we picked up over the years there was fairly mundane, but we had many gaps to fill in our collection then and the prices were usually good. A number of our vintage glossies were found at Lakewood including probably half a dozen sets of glossy palomino Family Arabians (they were all different shades, what could we do).

We also found some rather spectacular rarities. Most of these were purchased for less than $30, but this was of course well-before eBay and the internet were really a thing. The first two horses pictured here---the Proud Arabian Mare grooming kit and Fury with the paper saddle---were actually picked up at Lakewood by a friend of ours, but we later bought them from her, so I'm including them here because they're so cool. Enjoy!

Breyer Proud Arabian Mare Grooming Kit. The only two I'm aware of both
surfaced in the Atlanta area.
Breyer Fury with the original paper saddle
Breyer Woodgrain Poodle with the original gold tenite sticker
Beautiful and hard to find Hartland 11" Copper Saddlebred
Breyer Western Horse Clock
Glossy variation of Breyer Sorrel Five-Gaiter
Hagen-Renaker matte DW Von
Hutschenreuther trotter
Hartland 11" Arabian in greenish buckskin with original sticker
Hard to find Hartland 9" Polo Pony in metallic blue
Breyer Brahma Bull night light
Breyer matching chalky donkey lamps