Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Blame Kristina, a Tale (Tail?) of Two Honey Girls

Alternate titles: "I Don't Collect Cocker Spaniels, Part the Second," a sequel to this post, or "Blog and Ye Shall Receive...Again!" more coincidences like this post.

As I mentioned in the afore-linked blog post about my collection of Cocker Spaniels that I don't actually collect, I bought a Hagen-Renaker DW Honey Girl a while ago because I was entranced by the lovely examples and variations thereof owned by my friend Kristina. I chose my Honey Girl for her incredibly crisp detail and beautiful coloring, but I had hoped to find one that had character eyes and a sticker as well. I said as much in my blog, and look what turned up on eBay?

The new Honey Girl is not as crisp as her sister, but she's lovely all the same, and it's interesting to observe the differences in color, shading, and crispness between the two. (Click the pictures for a larger view.)

First Honey Girl on the left, new HG on the right
First Honey Girl on the left, new HG on the right
Now if I could just find the mini Cocker Spaniel with Newspaper (A-255) in black...