Monday, September 17, 2018

Pretty Pony Pix: Meows and Minis 2018

Over Labor Day weekend, I had the pleasure of judging at Meows and Minis, an all mini-scale model horse show held in the Chicago suburbs. The show is a fundraiser for Cat Guardians, a no-kill, cageless shelter for cats in Lombard, Illinois. They not only adopt cats into forever homes, but they also permanently house and care for cats that have not been adoptable because of their age, health, or behavioral issues. I showed once at M&M several years ago and had a blast, so I was really delighted to be able to come back and judge.

I arrived Friday afternoon to help set up the show hall and unpack the many auction and raffle donations. But first, I made a quick visit to the local hobby shop and toy store conveniently located right next to the hotel to check out their Breyer selection. The temptation was great, and I happily added the new grey Shannondell to my herd.

Saturday started bright and early with a full room---the show drew in many of the local regulars as well as friends from as far away as New Jersey, Colorado, and Oregon!

I judged chinas, both OF and custom glaze, and the competition was fierce. Here are some of the OF lovelies from the breed classes.

The breed champ call back table
Marcherware Rose Oberon and Hagen-Renaker Thoroughbred Mare
Hagen-Renaker Morgan Foal and Rearing Stallion
An exquisite HR Saddlebred
Stunning HR Arabian Mare in rose grey
Another shot of the call back table
Oberon was the overall breed champ
And the lovely Saddlebred was the reserve overall champ
The gaited class boasted no less then four white HR Saddlebreds. The variations in shading, ribbon color, and detail was fascinating. 

The show was running on a pretty tight time line as we had to be completely out of the show hall by 5pm, so unfortunately, I didn't get any pix of the fabulous custom glaze entries other than my breed champs. Both of them were Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's incredible Imp sculpture. I wish I had more pictures of the CMG pieces to share because just about all of them deserved rosettes. The workmanship and level of artistry on these horses was mind-blowing.

Overall CMG champ
Overall reserve CMG champ
The raffle gods were kind to me, and I came home with a few fun goodies.

Hagen-Renaker anvil
Breyer Mini Whinny chase piece
I was also pleased to win the auction for the Hagen-Renaker Starlite cat custom glazed by the late Karen Grimm of Black Horse Ranch. The piece was generously donated by Heather Wells and the BHR estate. The kitty, now christened Maud, will soon be joining my sister's clowder of Starlites to take part in the Adventures in Cosclay shenanigans with Georgette, Henrietta, and the incorrigible Clarice. You've been warned!

She looks like a trouble maker.