Wednesday, July 26, 2017

BreyerFest 2017, Part 2: Breakables!

My sister and I have attended Breakables on and off for the last few years depending on how ambitious we felt about multiple BreyerFest shows and how many ponies we thought we could cram into the car. This year, we volunteered to judge instead, and it was a terrific experience. Diana Dubbeld has taken over the hosting reins from Maggie Barkowitz, and the transition was flawless. The show ran smoothly and while the competition was fierce, the china community is small and close-knit, so it was a fun evening for everyone. I didn't have time to take many pictures, but I hope you all enjoy these!

Getting underway
Nancy Kelly's beautiful Hagen-Renaker Bison
Sue Stewart's stunning Rosenthal large lying foal
A wonderfully shaded rose grey HR Large Zara
And a lovely white Zara
Sue's massive Rosenthal "High Spirits." He's just shy of 2 feet tall.
JoEllen Arnold's fabulous Hutschenreuther Racehorse. (This is a new
clinky grail for me.)
"Galloping in Winter," a rare and delicately balanced piece by Royal Worcester
The original sales receipt for the RW GiW. Talk about great provenance!
An amazing test color HR Abdullah
The Keith Bean Memorial Award which is presented every year at Breakables
in memory of our beloved friend. He is very much missed.

JoEllen Arnold's winning entry

Next time, some eye candy from the BreyerFest Open Show!

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  1. The sitting Airedale in that last photo is so cool, I haven't seen it before.