Monday, April 17, 2017

Hoosier Pony Live, Part 3: Vintage Customs!

Hoosier Pony Live was one of the first, if not the first, shows in the country to have a NAN-qualifying vintage custom (and resin) division. Many entrants brought models for the division, everything from Eustis models to Strowger and Froelich pieces. The lighting was a bit peculiar in the hall, so not all of my pictures turned out well. Here are the best I was able to fix up in Photoshop.

I'm not sure who all of the artists are or when all of models were made, so please feel free to comment with corrections or more information. Enjoy!

1971 Cm Hartland by Sherri Cook
1993 CM HR Mini Clydesdale by Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig
1987 CM Lady Phase by Tom Bainbridge
1994 CM HR Mini Mare by Sarah M-B
Vintage CM Lady Phase by Tom Bainbridge
1990s CM HR Heather by Sarah M-B
Vintage CM Stud Spider by Tom Bainbridge
CM Classic QH Stallion by Tom Bainbridge

Vintage CM PAM byTom Bainbridge
Cute CM SSHF by Tom Bainbridge
Pretty CM ASB Weanling by Tom Bainbridge
1996 CM G1 Seabiscuit by Lesli Kathman
1994 CM Franklin Mint Waler by Sarah M-B
1995 CM G1 Native Dancer by Laurie Jo Jensen
1992 resin prototype for Breyer's porcelain Icelandic Pony that
Kathleen Moody painted herself
1993 CM CAS by Karen Gerhardt
1993 CM Classic Black Stallion by Sarah M-B
1989 CM G1 Morgan Mare by Lesli Kathman
CM HR Small Zara by Tom Bainbridge
CM Wixom by Sarah M-B
CM Classic QH Foal by Carol Williams (?)
CM Classic MOW by Sarah M-B
CM CAF by Sarah M-B (?)
CM Classic QH Stallion by Nancy Strowger

I brought a couple of vintage customs from my own herd to show as well.

RM Nuclear Winter by Julie Froelich (1991 CM from Breyer
Clydesdale Mare)
Gossamer Wings by Sarah M-B (1993 CM from CAM)
(She has since had her hair tidied up nicely.)

Vintage customs have been steadily growing in popularity, and many shows now have classes for them. A few shows are even devoted entirely to vintage customs. I've been meaning to blog about vintage customs for quite some time, and while I was at BreyerWest, I participated in Sarah Minkiewicz-Breunig's A Good Vintage show, so I hope to get that written up in the near future.

More tasty show photos coming later this week including NAN, Breakables, and the BreyerFest open show from 2016!


  1. I can't remember where I stashed my old issues to verify this, but I think that I saw the red roan 1987 CM Lady Phase in a "winner's circle" gallery in the July/August 1989 Just About Horses.

    (It was the only JAH I had for a few years, so I read it more than enough times to imprint the photos on my mind.)

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  3. I am loving your blog posts - keep them coming, please! :D

  4. Palomino Lady Phase with LB brand is by Tom Bainbridge; 'No' - CM Stud Spider in Grulla is Tom Bainbridge; 'No' - CM PAM in gray is by Tom Bainbridge; 'Yes' - CM SHF is by Tom Bainbridge; CM ASB Chestnut foal - Tom Bainbridge; CM CQHS in leopard App is by Nancy Strowger. (Lois Bennington)

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