Thursday, April 13, 2017

Long overdue update: Hoosier Pony Live pix, part 1!

Yikes! I am fairly horrified that I haven't updated this blog in almost a year! :( Work and real life have kept me too busy and too worn out to have much motivation left for writing, but I am trying to change that and get back to blogging regularly both here and on my studio page. That said, I recently returned from my first trip to the west coast where I attended BreyerWest in Albany, OR. But before I post pictures from that event, I feel like I should play catch-up and share photos from the shows I've attended in the last year.

The first of those is Hoosier Pony Live, an all yellow card show that Sarah Townsend held in Bloomington, IN, last April. I was invited to judge OF Breyer Collectibility, and I was really excited to see how many hard-core collectibility fans turned up with an amazing array of rarities. Here are some of my favorites.

Pretty Old Mold Glossy Bay PAM
Rare Glossy Appaloosa and Chalky Bay PAFs
A wonderful clock and night light combination

A beautiful dapple black Belgian
Incredible and unusual shading on a Glossy Alabaster Mustang
A very rare example of the "five-gaiter sorrel" Fighting Stallion. Note the
grey hooves and brown mane and tail which distinguish it from the common
bay version (which has black hooves and a black mane and tail).
Woodgrain Five-Gaiter with a "tenite" sticker
Rare Woodgrain Stretch Morgan
Rare Woodgrain PAM
Beautiful Gold Charm Running Foal
Wedgewood Fighting Stallion and friends
Copenhagen Mustang, probably the most sought-after decorator
Stunning vintage Indian Ponies in pinto and rare alabaster
And buckskin, too
A very hard to find chalky Alabaster Fighting Stallion
A test run matte Charcoal Running Stallion from the Francis Collection
A test run black Five-Gaiter from the Francis Collection
Another Francis Collection test run
And another
And one more
Hoosier Pony Live also featured proper collector's classes (no nonsense, just the models, a subject for a future blog) which were set up during lunch. Kelly Engelsiepen and Kelly Weimer tied for first place with their incredible Mustang and Fighting Stallion (respectively) collections.

My callback table at the end of the day held some really impressive rare models, old and new.

But my eventual overall champion was this amazing 1950s test run gold/bronze Race Horse from the estate of a former Breyer employee now owned by Ellen Vogel.

Tomorrow, I'll post some of the chinas, vintage customs, and other fun OF oddities from the show.

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