Wednesday, April 26, 2017

NAN 2016: More collectibility eye candy!

My sister, Sarah, and I were really excited to show at NAN in 2016 to support the one judge system. As collectibility showers and judges ourselves, we understand that the pool of collectors, and thus judges, for our chosen divisions is smaller than that of most other halter classes. Finding one knowledgeable person who geeks out over paper hang tags or original boxes is tricky enough, especially when so many from the already small group want to enter the show. Finding three is a tall order. So we were really happy to support this experimental endeavor, and we both agree that it was a rip-roaring success in collectibility. The competition was quite fierce, and the judging was spot-on.

Without further ado, on to the eye candy! We headed down to the Rupp arena bright and early Thursday morning with our official table mascots in tow.

Nymeria the direwolf and Alexander Camelton, mascots extraordinaire
(Yes, we are nerds.)

We showed only plastic and clinky collectibility, and we had a great time and were really thrilled with our winners.

Chalky Old Mold Bay PAM, champ of the Breyer Chalky and Pearly class
 Silver Filigree PAM (1 of 30), reserve champ in the Modern Decos,
Woodgrains, and Other Unrealistic Colors class
Circa 1971 Test Run PAM, reserve champ in the OOAK/Test Realistic
Colors class (Interestingly, she was reserve champ to the same model, the BF
auction bay Alborozo, at NAN 2014. Hooray for consistency!)
Rare 1950s Grooming Kit PAM with original box, champ of the
Vintage Realistic Color class
Super rare Woodgrain PAF, champ of the Vintage Woodgrains class
Wedgewood Running Foal with original box, reserve champ of the Vintage
Decorators class
Rare Touchability Box and FAS, reserve champ in the Vintage Realistic
Colors class
Wedgewood Fury, champ of the Vintage Decorators class
Robin Hood with all accessories, including the super scarce hang tag, reserve
champ in the Lights, Clocks, and Horse and Riders class
Davy Crockett clock, only example with box known to collectors,
champ in the Lights, Clocks, and Horse and Riders class
Mint Hagen-Renaker Bedouin with original gun and sticker, champ in the
HR Trad/Classic class
HR Mini Head Down and Head Up Ponies in aurasperse pinto,
champ and reserve of the HR Mini class
Test Run Royal Copenhagen "Windswept" horse glazed by the sculpting artist,
reserve champ in the Other Euro/Other Manufacturer class

Next up, Breakables 2016!

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