Tuesday, May 30, 2017

BreyerFest 2016 Open Show: Collectors classes and other nonsense

I have worked at, judged, or showed at the BreyerFest open show since 1994 (the second year of the show). It has grown substantially since those early years in the dirt of the covered arena, and naturally, with an expanded class list has come longer hours in the show hall. I joked on Facebook a couple of years ago that I still remember the days when the show didn't start until after the sun had risen. Not so anymore. The 4:30AM wake-up call to get rolling for the open show is always brutal, and the amount of coffee needed to get myself and my sister functional has a tendency to make us a tad punchy early in the day. We swear no decorators were harmed in the making of this post.

Coffee? Check. Mascot? Check. Sanity? Uh....
As collectibility nerds, the day always starts with collectors classes for us. I wasn't able to identify how they all placed, but here are some pictures from the early morning madness. The theme entries:

1st in theme
2nd in theme
3rd in theme
4th in theme
5th in theme
6th in theme
And some of the collectibility entries:

1st in collectibility
2nd in collectibility
3rd in collectibility
5th in collectibility
6th in collectibility
And the novice entries. I only know who got first; I'm not sure how the other entries placed, but I included them anyway. Enjoy!

1st in novice

More from the open show and around the Kentucky Horse Park next time!

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  1. Amazing entries! Thanks for the collectibility goodness - can't wait for your next entry!