Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Breakables 2016: Clinky goodness!

I didn't get as many pictures at Breakables as I had planned, but here are some of the clinky lovelies that were there.

Our DW Hagen-Renaker Clydesdale

JoEllen Arnold's incredibly rare HR Racehorse

My sister's HR Black Bisque Zebra and Crowntail Bird

Custom Glaze Sadie Shoofly (a Lynn Fraley sculpture)

CMG Royal Worcester Arkle to appaloosa

CMG RW Welsh to dappled buckskin

CMG RW Quarter Horse to bay splash white

CMG RW "Prince's Grace and Foal" to appaloosa

Our Nymphenburg "Fallen Horse" winning in both breed and
collectibility in the European Chinas division

Part of Yashka Hallein's impressive collection

Heather Malone judging an amazing Arabian class

My sister's entry in the Keith Bean Memorial Challenge

Jo Ellen Arnold's KBMC entry full of fabulous rarities

BreyerFest pix up next! Finally! :)

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